Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rahm concedes they lost the message

I've been pointing out the disconnect that has taken place in DC declaring the Obama administration on the rocks and the stimulus bill failing. And while this was clearly delusional incestuous DC BS, it's also true that Obama let the stimulus message get away from him, as Emmanuel concedes.

There's no rule that says Obama can't take his fights to the people while still talking with the GOP for consensus. He can't allow the opposition to be defining his legislation 24/7 on TV while he sits back and waits for compromise (or not) at the Capital.

But let's be honest; this is just about appearances. The GOP has no intention of supporting any legislation from the WH or the Dems in Congress. There plan is simple and obvious: vote no on everything, and hope for failure (and in the absence of failure, call it failed anyway) and try to say 'I told you so' at election time. With the GOP country be damned, they care only about power.

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