Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP F-22

The Ward Report has long been critical of the F-22 and takes some credit for it's death.

Fred Kaplan provides some excellent context on the killing of the F-22.

This really is a big deal. Congress has not killed a program since 1977 when the Carter administration killed the B-1 which Reagan resurrected.

The DoD needs a dramatic change in thinking about their weapons systems and blue sky funding for exotic weapons systems with little or no utility.

Kaplan quotes Sec Def Gates in a speech delivered July 16 that the US cannot continue
to design and buy—as we have the last 60 years—only the most technologically advanced versions of weapons to keep up with or stay ahead of another superpower adversary, especially one that imploded nearly a generation ago. … We must break the old habit of adding layer upon layer of cost, complexity, and delay to systems that are so expensive and so elaborate that only a small number can be built, and that are then usable only in a narrow range of low-probability scenarios.
Imagine if your state police demanded $120m to purchase 600 Mercedes v12 SL600's at $200k each because that was the only way to have the fastest, most advanced production car. This is exactly what the DoD does on every single program.

While the rest of the Western world provides health care and builds out modern infastructure, we fall into neglect and disrepair laboring under a cold war era military budget spending lavishly to fight an enemy that disappeared a generation ago and it will bury us if we don't rein it in.

And there is nothing fiscally conservative about anyone who votes for the status quo.

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