Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friedman has been here before

Friedman today,
I hate to write about this, but I have actually been to this play before and it is really disturbing.

I was in Israel interviewing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin just before he was assassinated in 1995. We had a beer in his office. He needed one. I remember the ugly mood in Israel then — a mood in which extreme right-wing settlers and politicians were doing all they could to delegitimize Rabin, who was committed to trading land for peace as part of the Oslo accords. They questioned his authority. They accused him of treason. They created pictures depicting him as a Nazi SS officer, and they shouted death threats at rallies. His political opponents winked at it all.

And in so doing they created a poisonous political environment that was interpreted by one right-wing Jewish nationalist as a license to kill Rabin — he must have heard, “God will be on your side” — and so he did.
It's all fun and games until a Federal Courthouse is blown up or someone is shot. We've seen in this country where the ugliness can lead.

So who will stand up and demand the GOP denounce this hate? It won't be the Chair of the RNC who this week sent out a fundraising appeal comparing Obama's "fanaticism" to Stalin and Kim Jong Il.

When will major media figures press politicians to denounce this stuff? When do they stop getting free passes on ever media appearance?

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