Saturday, September 19, 2009

Race and the GOP

Jimmy Carter's comments this past week on race driving opposition to President Obama might ring true to some extent, but his comments were not especially helpful and added yet another distraction to the work at hand.

The majority of Republicans are not racist and oppose Obama's policies because they want him to fail for partisan political reasons -- not because he happens to be of African decent. Anti-Obama Congressional Republican venom doesn't seem any different to me in tone or substance from the anti-Clinton venom that poisoned our politics in the 90's and piqued with only the second time in our nation's history that a president was impeached. These people are serious kooks but their hatred is not about race.

The GOPs problem with race is their all to cozy relationship with racists and racism. I don't have the writing talent of Bob Herbert whose column today clearly explains and calls out the GOP's disgusting tolerance for racism so long as it delivers votes.
Republicans have been openly feeding off of race hatred since the days of Dick Nixon. Today’s conservative activists are carrying that banner proudly. What does anybody think is going on when, as Anderson Cooper pointed out on CNN, one of the leaders of the so-called tea party movement, Mark Williams, refers to the president of the United States as an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug, and a racist in chief.

After all these years of race-baiting and stirring the pot of hatred for political gain, it’s too much to ask the leaders of the Republican Party to step forward and denounce this spreading stain of reprehensible conduct. Republicans are trying to ride that dependable steed of bigotry back to power.

But it’s time for other Americans, of whatever persuasion, to take a stand, to say we’re better than this.
Speaking to my Republican friends, when will you find the courage to denounce the GOP love affair with racism and demand your leaders do the same?

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