Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lossing Teddy's seat

No matter how anyone wants to spin it, this is a great symbolic win for the GOP and a great symbolic loss for the Democrats.

I was going to write a post about my take on this failure of Democratic leadership -- and make no mistake -- that is exactly what happened -- but Josh Marshall already summed it up well,
The central problem the president is laboring under is the fact that the economy remains in a shambles. And unemployment remains at a toxic 10%. Beyond that though the Democrats are suffering because they have shown voters an image of fecklessness and inability to deliver results at a moment of great public anxiety and suffering. Big changes provoke great anxiety, especially in such a divided society. But Democrats are not just having dealing with the ideological divisions in the country -- which is what the Tea Party movement is about. They're also losing a big swathe of the population that is losing faith that the Democrats can govern, that they can even deliver on the reforms and policies they say are necessary for the national good. As I wrote earlier, this is about meta-politics. If the Democrats, either from the left or the right, walk away from reform, they will get slaughtered in November. They'll get it from the people who want reform, from the people who never wanted reform and from sensible people all over who just think they can't get anything done.
Given the debacle of health care reform, can any of us look someone in the eye and assure them that Democrats in Washington can govern?

And the President deserves as much blame as the buffoons in Congress. As Howard Fineman said last night on MSNBC, Obama took all his winning in the Presidential election and gave them to Max Baucus.

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