Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drill Baby Drill!

U.S. Coast Guard Photo

The deep water oil spill that has resulted from the oil rig fire last week is now spread over 2000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico and is moving toward land. The well is leaking 42,000 gallons of crude per day into the Gulf as shrimp and crab season is opening. If that wasn't bad enough,
submersible robots were trying to activate valves at the wellhead, known as blowout preventers, to cut off the leak. If that doesn't work, this Transocean driller could drill relief wells to stop the flow of oil. But it could take months.
Months of 42,000 gallons a day of crude spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. If they can't activate the valve(s) at the well head -- or if that doesn't work -- we are facing the largest ecological disaster in US history -- all from one well and a pretty mundane sort of accident. The economic devastation to the Gulf Coast could measure in the hundreds of billions.

This will not endear Obama and his new off shore drilling policies to ecologists. Republicans, however, led by Sarah Palin are expect to travel to the Gulf coast as the spill comes ashore to bath in the life giving oil and praise BP for bringing to us.

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