Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bigotry rears it's ugly head in Grand Isle

I guess I'm just naive but this still shocks me. Via Kevin Drum and LA Times,
An influx of nearly 1,000 BP contract workers — many of them black and Latino — brings out an ugly side of tiny Grand Isle. Confederate flags go up: 'Our way of telling strangers to keep out.'

Theresa Brunies, 48, who has hung a large Confederate flag over the outside balcony of her home, said, "I'd hate for Grand Isle to become known as a racist community. But these flags are just our way of telling strangers to keep out."
Meanwhile, crime in Grand Isle is down this year compared to last year according to the Grand Isle Police Department's statistics.

The self-described 'resort town' defends itself by saying "we're not used to strangers". "Strangers" being defined in Grand Isle as all resort guests who are not white.

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