Thursday, October 28, 2010

America's Meanest Airlines

Yahoo News looked at the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) Report, the American Customer Satisfaction Index and the Air Travel Consumer Reports and compiled a list of America's Meanest Airlines.

Here are the 5 meanest:

5. US Air
4. American Airlines
3. Alaska
2. United
1. Delta

Frankly, I'm surprised AA is only ranked 4th. I was expected a first place finish for them. While they have made improvements in the last couple years, they're pretty damn mean. I stick with them only because I travel out of STL and they are the best option for direct flights on an airline where I can accumulate miles that can be exchanged for International travel. Many of my co-workers are devoted to SWA but I hate that Redneck Rodeo and free tickets to San Antonio or Albuquerque have no value to me.

I'm also surprised United did so poorly because in my very limited experience with them, they were great. Talk to anyone from Alaska and they will tell you how horrible Alaska Air is. Having flown thru Atlanta several times and knowing people who collect Delta miles, I'm not surprised Delta did poorly. Hartsfield is the best designed airport in the US but flying thru Atlanta makes O'Hare seem like a model of air traffic efficiency. Delays at ATL are legendary among business travelers.

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