Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The failure of American Democracy

As I've said before, I believe Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish at the Atlantic is a must read on a daily basis. I say this even though Andrew is prone to hyperbole and at times is just over the top. Nobody is perfect.

A common theme at The Dish is the failure of elites in our society to call out the charlatans and expose them as the frauds they are. The fact is that our democracy pays a high price for the failure of elites in journalism to actually vet those who they permit to be opinion leaders and who run for office.

One of Andrew's readers very succinctly spelled out this morning the importance of elections to the continuation of a healthy democracy:
We need to keep some focus on the consequences of elections, not just the horse race. In this increasingly difficult and complex world, we face enormous challenges, and it is imperative that our president be smart, knowledgeable (dare I say well educated), willing to work hard to master the various issues and problems that face us, and flexible in his or her thinking and ideology. Do any of these apply to Palin? No.

The failures of the Bush presidency were, in large part, due to his personal weaknesses - his evident lack of interest in and knowledge of policy issues, his shallowness, and his obvious boredom with the day-to-day responsibilities of governing. Even so, he is head and shoulders above Palin.
What we now commonly call the 'mainstream media' or MSM have completely failed us in their reporting of public issues, policy and election reporting and America suffers because of it.

When Sarah Palin is covered uncritically as a national counter-point to Obama administration policies, our Democracy is in shambles.

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