Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why isn't this an indictment of failed Democratic leadership?

Say what you want about the GOP, they have always been completely honest that their singular mission has been to destroy the Obama Presidency. Republicans have had no intention of ever working with the POTUS on any matter of public policy and have never shied away from saying so to anyone who asked.

Andrew now reports that Mike Pence has renewed this position by stating unequivocally that the House GOP will refuse to work with Obama on anything. The 'news' in this piece is that official GOP policy on working with the WH will not change after the election.

And despite the fact that Democratic leadership has know where the GOP stands for two years now, they go into the Mid-terms next week with no coherent strategy or response.

The POTUS and DNC should have been beating Republicans over the head with their bad behavior from the start. The public has been angry for 4 years about the hyper-partisan behavior in Congress and this election should have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

If this isn't failed leadership, what is?

It really shouldn't be a mystery to anyone that independent voters are ready to throw Democrats out of office. Voters want leadership. Not impotent handwringing.

At this point, my biggest fear for Tuesday is that the impotent Harry Reid will narrowly win re-election and be unanimously reelected the Democratic leader of the Senate.

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