Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No guns within a 1000 feet of,_____

Erstwhile Second Amendment devotee Rep Peter King (R-NY) is scared to death and has proposed a bill preventing anyone from having a gun within 1000 feet of him or any other "Federal Official".

This is where Republicans kick Democrats butts every time. Just imagine how much fun a determined opposition could have with this bill?

Amendments to include 1000 feet of schools? 1000 feet of playgrounds? 1000 feet of hospitals? 1000 feet of "medical clinics"? 1000 feet of women and children? 1000 feet of pregnant women? 1000 feet of places of religious worship*? 1000 feet of state or local public officials? 1000 feet of all law enforcement officials? And on, and on and on. Make Republicans vote no on each and every one, so that they only protect themselves, or better yet, vote yes.

My guess is that this bill is DOA.

*Yes, mosques too.

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