Thursday, May 12, 2011


Jonathan Chait makes the case (with all the usual caveats) that Trump's implosion opens up a real opportunity on the Right for Michelle Bachmann.
That leaves a lot of demand for a fire-breather, and it isn't being met. Rick Santorum or Herman Cain might catch fire, I suppose. But it sure looks wide open for Michelle Bachmann. If she can just keep a lid on her crazy side, she has enough high-profile support to avoid the kind of marginalization that Trump endured when the party elite ganged up on him. (Rush Limbaugh likes her, for instance.) Bachmann raises a ton of money, has a close relationship with Sarah Palin -- who still commands significant loyalty within the party but appears unlikely to run -- and has a real chance to win in Iowa.
While Iowa leans blue, I've always been told the conservatives in Iowa tend to the right-wing, and based upon this information, I've always thought Bachmann has a real chance to win Iowa, and South Carolina too. I just don't see it in New Hampshire, although they have more than their share of crazies.

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