Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Byron York makes the case that Palin is not running

in the Washington Examiner today. The case is pretty simple: despite her attention grabbing stunts, she's actually done none of the necessary things to actually create a campaign infrastructure,
"Watch what she has done," says the Republican close to Romney. "Has she contacted one major donor across the country about putting together an organization? Has she talked to one member of the Republican National Committee about working for a campaign, or one governor, or one former governor about working for a campaign? The answer is no."

Campaigns are filled with routine work. For example, on Thursday, the Pawlenty team sent out a message headlined, "Governor Pawlenty Unveils Florida Finance Team." It's not newsy, but it's the kind of thing presidential campaigns have to do. Palin's not doing it. There are no Palin campaign organizations in early primary and caucus states, or anywhere else, for that matter.
The point of York's article is that all the serious Republicans 'in the know' believe this is just another stunt by Sarah to grab the attention she craves. But if anyone could make a presidential run on a half-assed campaign, it's Palin.

I've always maintained that Sarah doesn't want to be president, but she doesn't want anyone else to be president either. She wants to be the most important person in America without any actual responsibilities.

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