Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frum thinks Boehner isn't prepared for what's coming

In Boehner's speech on Friday to the Economic Club of New York, he said,"There’s another myth I need to address, and that is the myth that addressing our debt challenges requires ‘pain.’ Addressing our debt requires action. ‘Pain’ comes only from inaction."

David Frum wonders,
Can he believe that?

If so, it’s disturbing to think that Republicans may have signed up for the fight of a generation, without understanding how much is at stake – or how fierce the resistance is likely to be from those who, yes, will feel the very real plain implied by cutting out of the deficit the “trillions” mentioned by Boehner in that same speech, without any of the tax offsets the speech explicitly ruled out.
I fear Frum over-estimates the politically incompetent Democrats ability to fight back.

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