Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bush WH used CIA to target critical professor

The NYTimes reports that on at least two separate occasions unnamed officials from the Bush White House asked the CIA to dig up dirt on Michigan professor Juan Cole who authors the blog "Informed Comment" that was very critical of the Bushies. This is of course a violation of Federal laws enacted after Water Gate when the Nixon Administration used the CIA and FBI as arms of the RNC to attack domestic critics.

The NYTimes received a tip that the CIA had been enlisted by the Bush WH to dig up information on Professor Cole. The Times went to retired CIA officer Glenn Carle who is the primary source for the Times article.

The CIA has admitted that they were requested by the WH to provide information of Professor Cole but it was in the context of asking why he was invited to a CIA sponsored conferences, and denied Nixonesque enemies research .

Despite these denials, Carle offered a detailed account of the Bushies attempts "to get" Professor Cole.

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