Thursday, July 28, 2011

High Praise in Foreign Policy

What American couldn't use a little good news today? David Rothkopf offer's high praise of some work overseas that has been mostly unnoticed,
In this moment of national confusion and public despair with officials in Washington, variations on the following cry have often been heard, "Somewhere in the world there must be an American political leader with a vision of tomorrow, a focus on what is really important and an ability to translate rhetoric into success."

I'm pleased to report that there is. If it has escaped your attention it's because that politician has been on the other side of the world the past couple of weeks advancing American interests and the policies of the president with meaningful results and exceptional skill.

That politician is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is just completing an around-the-world mission that has taken her from the economic frontlines of the eurozone crisis to the markets of tomorrow in Asia. The trip, obscured in the noise around the debt ceiling debate, has been a real triumph for the Obama administration and has revealed that many of its policies over the past two years are now bearing significant fruit. It has also revealed the State Department's deftness and bench-depth in dealing with an Asia agenda that is vastly more important in every respect than virtually anything that has been discussed inside the beltway for months.
If you need a little boost, I would encourage to read the whole post. From opening up a new relationship with India while strengthen frayed ties with Pakistan (who would have thought both of these were even possible?)while simultaneously forging a deep relationship with China "but also systematically and often invisibly working to strengthen ties with many of the smaller countries in Asia."

There is no question that Asia is the future of the 21st century and having an administration that understands this is in and of itself, great news.

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