Friday, July 22, 2011

"They are anarchists"

Andrew Sullivan calls out the GOP,
The Republican refusal to countenance any way to raise revenues to tackle the massive debt incurred largely on their watch and from a recession which started under Obama's predecessor makes one thing clear. They are not a political party in government; they are a radical faction that refuses to participate meaningfully in the give and take the Founders firmly believed should be at the center of American government. They are not conservatives in this sense. They are anarchists.

Their fiscal anarchism has now led to their threat to destabilize and possibly upend the American and global economy because they refuse to compromise an inch. They control only one part of the government, and yet they hold all of it hostage. I cannot believe they are prepared to allow the US to default rather than give an inch toward responsibility. Except I should believe it by now. Everything I have written about them leads inexorably to this moment.
I've written a couple times (here and here) that it appeared that the House Republicans/Cantor's tactic was to refuse any and all 'deals' until the President conceded to all their demands. That basically happened today and the GOP walked away from the table. They really are kooks.

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