Thursday, July 28, 2011

Words I never thought I would type

Michele Bachmann is right. Enough already! Leave her husband alone.

Of course it's crazy to think you can "cure" homosexuality through therapy, prayer or whatever. What did you expect? This is Michele Bachmann's husband, for Christ's sake! That one can be "cured" of homosexuality is a religious view that, unfortunately, many Americans share. The Bachmann's have the right to their own religious views just has tragically misguided religious self-loathing gay people have the right to seek a religious "cure".

Sure, Marcus Bachmann may very well be a major closet case, but who cares? Of course he reminds all of us of Cam on Modern Family. That is not the point.

The public certainly has the right to know when the spouse of a candidate for public office holds controversial views or who's profession might be controversial, but enough all ready. It's been reported and thoroughly covered, so move on.

I hate it when the media obsesses over a candidate's spouse or family members, seeking sensation over important and substantive coverage of the candidate's views and positions. The fact that this sort of character destruction is a favorite game of Republican strategists doesn't make it right. I hated it when it was Geraldine Ferraro's husband, First Lady Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama who was outrageously described by Fox News as "Obama's baby moma"(video here). None of them deserved the abuse they took and neither does Marcus Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann is a genuine wackadoodle lunatic with bat-shit crazy ideas and that needs to be the focus of press coverage. It goes without saying that anyone who married this kook has to be nuts himself. But focus on the candidate.

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