Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, it is scary but what does it mean

David Frum,
Early this morning, I had breakfast with a member of Congress—a person I like, respect, have donated to in the past, will donate to in the future, and know isn’t crazy. This man shares at least 90 percent of my views. He’s not a Tea Party Caucus member but is a stalwart in the conservative Republican Study Committee. He has a safe seat and, like me, sees some serious problems with the Boehner plan. That said, he made it clear that he’s not going to vote for the plan or anything much like it. I didn’t argue with him—he’s a man of conviction and believes in what he’s doing—but he’s exactly the sort of level-headed conservative who is going to be needed to get the plan (or anything realistic that raises the debt ceiling) across the finish line. Without his vote, we’re heading for default.
Does this mean he will not vote to raise the debt ceiling under any terms? Or, under what terms will he support an increase in the debt ceiling? David doesn't say.

I'm convinced that a very large number of House conservatives have no intention of raising the debt ceiling.

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