Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Obama's permanent damage to the Presidency and the Country

Playing off of Kara Brandeisky's article explaining how Clinton refused to negotiate the debt ceiling with Gingrich in 1995, Matt Yglesias explains how Barack Obama may have done lasting damage to the Presidency and the Country.

It's not that Clinton ultimately did not make policy concessions, he simply refused to link any concessions to the debt ceiling increase.

As Matt observes,
This had important implications going forward. Implications like—future Presidents were not expected to make concessions linked to the debt ceiling. My initial guess was that President Obama could and should pursue the same strategy, and leave ugly confrontations with Congress to the annual appropriations process where they belong.

Instead we have Keith Hennessy not only excited about the terms of the debt ceiling deal but gushing that “it also establishes a pattern for when the debt limit expires in 2013.”

This seems to me like a disaster for the country. Teaching the lesson that intransigence on the specific question of the debt ceiling brings about policy concessions seems to me to signal to all members of congress that they ought to spend the winter of 2012-2013 positioning themselves as intransigent on the debt ceiling. Now that “resolving the debt ceiling with a last minute compromise after months of threatened default” has become normalized as a way of doing business, it seems to me that we’re certain to face a situation sooner or later where the country winds up unable to pay its bills. This is going to be a lingering threat to good governance in the United States.
Matt is exactly correct. Obama has lead us into a disaster. What a disappointment.

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