Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perry's [small] World View

The Daily Beast's David Sessions reads Rick Perry's latest book (Perry's written two books) so you don't have to.

In reading the review it seems that Perry is pretty much what you imagined him to be; an ultra-Southern extremest anti-intellectual. "Perry tends to portray policy expertise as sham and pretension, mocking political arguments, legal reasoning and historical analysis that attempt to articulate context or nuance."

But as contemptuous and wasteful as Perry finds the Federal Government, like so many conservatives with masculinity issues, he has no problem with unchecked wasteful spending if it is for war,
War seems to be a love like no other for Perry—the one arena where he’s happy for the federal government to break all his rules. After bemoaning in chapter after chapter the federal government’s inherent, hopeless corruption and waste, he asserts that the U.S. seriously underspends on national defense and that the Pentagon’s sprawling bureaucracy is both indispensable and infallible. He even argues strenuously against cutting funding for the F-22, a fighter jet the outgoing defense secretary, Robert Gates, called a Cold War relic and a source of massive waste.
The F-22 is fantastically expensive, flown zero flights in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya (because there is no mission for it in those wars), and can't fly at all in the rain (literally) but it is built in Texas, so that is really all anyone needs to know.

I stand by my earlier comment that Perry will never be more popular than the day he announced his presidential bid. Even Republicans have had their fill of dim-witted Texas cowboys who are all hat and no cattle.

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