Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romney calls out Perry and Jeffress

Romney deserves credit for calling out Perry and Jefress over Jefress' Value Voter's summit when Jeffress called the LDS church a cult. Perry has a long history of being way too cozy with every bigoted and racist wackadoodle paster south of the Mason Dixon line (here's a primer). It's notable that Romney apparently has no problems with Perry's friends who are racists or bigots except for anti-Morman bigotry, which would make for a good t0pic for an enterprising journalist to ask Mitt about. And FYI, not surprisingly LDS church isn't the only faith with which Jeffress has issue. For fun, someone should ask Jeffress about Roman Catholicism.

But the bigger problem Romney faces in this confrontation is that Dr. Robert Jeffress isn't just any wackadoodle bigoted pastor, He's the current President of the 16,000,000 member Southern Baptist Convention. "Progressive" is not a word that one would use to describe the Southern Baptist Convention-- It wasn't until 1995 that they repudiated slavery, support for which was a founding principle of the organization. One would think that such a repudiation would be an easy thing 130 years after the Civil War, but it turns out many of it's members were not at all happy with the move. And when Jefress called the LDS church a cult, he was in fact simple stating the current position of the Southern Baptist Convention he leads.

So, when Romney confronts Perry demanding he repudiate Jeffress, he's indirectly asking Perry to repudiate the Southern Baptist Convention -- and in so doing, Romney is repudiating the Southern Baptist Convention.

Can Romney realistically hope to win the White House without the Southern Baptists?

(Posted from Rome, Italy)

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