Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bruce Bartlett. Not a Gingrich fan

Bruce Bartlett, who served in WH of both Ronald Reagan and George H.W, is a dying breed in GOP ranks. Bartlett, who values expertise, pinned a column today defending Congresses professional institutions which Speaker Gingrich gutted in the 90's and now attacks. On Gingrich's recent attacks on the CBO and GAO? "utter nonsense".
Mr. Gingrich’s unprovoked attack on the C.B.O. is part of a pattern. He disdains the expertise of anyone other than himself and is willing to undercut any institution that stands in his way. Unfortunately, we are still living with the consequences of his foolish actions as speaker. We could really use the Office of Technology Assessment at a time when Congress desperately needs scientific expertise on a variety of issues in involving health, energy, climate change, homeland security and many others. And given the enormous stress suffered by state and local governments as they are forced by Washington to do more with less, an organization like the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations would be invaluable. It is essential that Congress not cripple what is left of its in-house expertise. Gutting the G.A.O. and abolishing the C.B.O. would be acts of nihilism. Any politician recommending such things is unfit for office.
The anti-intellectualism that controls the radical Republicans running GOP comes at a very real price to the U.S and could ultimately be our undoing. Bartlett is not alone in Republican ranks on protecting the institutional expertise of Congress. Uber conservative Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) issued a report defending the GAO and pointing out the savings the GAO generates by identifying and eliminating government waist.

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