Thursday, January 19, 2012

Will Newt's second ex-wife end his campaign

I was talking about this today with co-workers and I think it is likely that it will. Many evangelicals know of Gingrich's affairs and mistresses but none of the details. Today, they are willing to hold there nose and vote for him but will they be tomorrow?

From The Economist,
there is a difference between reading an article about Mrs Gingrich and watching her tell her story, in her own words, on network television, two days before a primary election. The conventional wisdom is that Mr Gingrich is already inoculated against the effects of damaging revelations about his personal life. He had better hope that wisdom holds.
Exactly. I think this will peel off enough supporters to wreck his campaign.

But think about how much fun it will be in Gingrich wins SC and slugs it out with Romney all the way to Tampa.

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