Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joe Scarborough's leadership on the killing of Travon Martin

MSNBC's Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough as well as the rest of the shows regulars have been providing courageous coverage of the tragic killing of Travon Martin. The more we learned the more it becomes clear that Florida officials are pursuing a cover-up.   This makes my blood boil. 

For those who don't know, Joe Scarborough is a Florida native who was a conservative Republican Congressman from Florida's 1st Congressional District (Pensacola and the pan handle) for 3 terms from 1994.

This morning Joe called out the Florida officials (text from the Morning Joe Blog),
"Zimmerman wasn’t standing his ground," Joe Scarborough said at the top of the discussion. "Zimmerman was chasing this young man and following him and harassing him." Scarborough followed up by saying "I know there are a lot of people in Tallahassee that watch this show. I know Pam Bondi, the [Florida] Attorney General watches this show. I know a lot of people watch this show. They better move in fast on this case because a lot of people have acted in a shameful way."

If anybody watching this show -- either live or on the Internet -- doesn’t believe that if an African-American shot a 17-year-old white boy walking through a neighborhood carrying ice tea and Skittles…if they do not believe that an arraignment would be scheduled by the next morning for the African-American shooter and that the white boy’s family would be called immediately…that an office would actually drive to the white boy’s home and sit down with the parents on the couch and console them because they have lost a 17-year-old son. If you don’t believe that this case and the handling of this case by the people in Florida has nothing to do with race, you are living in a fantasy world.

Here is the video of the show. The Travon discussion is about 1:10 in.