Wednesday, May 09, 2012

George Soros will spend $100M to aid Democrats

The good news is that George Soros and other left leaning financiers intend to spend $100M this election cycle.

 Soros, et al, don't want to get into a TV ad spending war with GOP Superpacs, but instead want to spend this money on grass roots groups in voter registration and grass roots organizing.

 The bad news (at least according to some) is Soros et al won't get into TV ad war with GOP Superpacs leaving Democrats exposed to what could be an unrelenting onslaught of months of negative ads.

The Obama campaign has a legendary ground game and has already poured millions of dollars into the battleground states.   In 2008, the Obama campaign rolled out a huge 50 state voter drive.  The fear is that the Soros spending will be redundant and counter-productive.

I've long advocated that liberal leaning outside groups need to pour money into very sophisticated voter registration drives targeting those groups most vulnerable to GOP attempts to prevent voting.  I'd love to see a national group organize college students on summer breaks into every state doing everything it takes to get voters registered.  Offer unemployed college students with an opportunity to get involved in a movement by providing them with housing (when necessary) and per diam for food and misc stuff.   College students are desirable because they are less likely to fall into scams and traps that embarrass campaigns.

Maybe Soros' money can go into such programs and Obama can move resources elsewhere?

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