Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is Romney stealing Hillary's move to work us over on his taxes?

Romney is digging in on his refusal to release more tax returns.  My guess is that unless or until his support in key swing states starts to crater, he's not budging.

And I think 2009 is the issue.  If Romney's 2008 and 2009 tax returns looked just like his 2010 return, we would have already seen them.  But he can't release more returns and just skip 2009, so no more tax returns. 

Earlier, I wondered if Romney's problem was availing himself of amnesty in 2009 for money hidden in a Swiss bank account.  We know from his 2010 returns that he closed a Swiss bank account in 2009.  We also know that in 2009 the IRS offered amnesty to all people who had fraudulently shelter money in Swiss bank accounts, and many wealthy Americans scrambled to avail themselves of this amnesty.   It could be just a coincidence that Romney closed his Swiss account in 2009 and has nothing to do with his current refusal to release that tax return.  But I've learned from following politics that where there is smoke, there is often fire.

But it's also possible that Romney is employing Hillary's Razor (my term) to play us like a violin -- in his case, a Stradivarius?

Sadly, many of the few who actually read this blog can remember the 1990s when the Clintons were under literally constant investigation with subpoenas being endlessly issued.  Anyway, the Clinton response was always the same, and it was Hillary who was always credited with this move.  They fought nearly every subpoena or request for records either from the White House or Arkansas tooth and nail.  They never gave in willingly.  And every time they fought the request, Republicans would work themselves into a near sexual frenzy delirious with the belief that they finally had the Clintons nailed and that upon release of whatever documents they currently wanted (billing records from the Rose Law Firm, a brochure from the White Water land development, etc),  the Clinton White House and the vast International crime syndicate they headed from the Little Rock Governor's mansion was going to come crashing down, and everyone would see what these Republicans had always known -- that Bill and Hillary Clinton were histories greatest monsters.  And every time the documents were finally released there was nothing in them.  Every time Hillary sliced and diced Republican rivals who would walk away furious and whimpering and embarrassed. 

Is Mitt Romney using Hillary's Razor to slice us up on the eve of the election?

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