Friday, July 27, 2012

Jeff Bezos steps up for marriage equality

Shopping at large discount retailers has become a political act.  I've long refused to shop at Walmart or Sam's Club for many, many reasons regarding treatment and pay of their employees, business practices, etc.

 Several years ago now a progressive activist friend told me I had to start boycotting Kmart for reasons I can't even recall.  I reminded him that he can't expect middle class Americans to boycott everyone.  People need a discount retailer and if Walmart is out, then people need Kmart to buy all the non-grocery crap we need to buy to maintain our daily lives .  Fortunately for me, I couldn't think of any nearby Kmart stores, so it didn't matter.  And besides, I still had Target.

I loved shopping at Target for my non-grocery crap .  Then Target donated $150k to a reactionary political fund - MN  Forward - that was actively opposing marriage equality in Minnesota.  An immediate boycott was launched and Target was out.  I haven't been back since.

I already shopped at Amazon for books not available at Left Bank Books, several small Canon cameras, the occasional CD, etc. I knew Amazon sold lots of stuff so I started searching to see if I could buy my Target crap from Amazon. Sure enough, Amazon sold pretty much everything I would buy at Target, and often in inexpensive large quantities like Sams or Costco.  I joined Amazon Prime and haven't looked back.  I buy everything I can from Amazon --30 pound bags of dog food, cases of canned soup, OTC meds, shampoo -- pretty much anything you would buy from Target or Walgreens - all delivered to my door by complimentary second day shipping.

Now, my Amazon love has been vindicated.  Jeff Besoz and his wife MacKenzie have made a $2.5M donation in support of a marriage equality referendum in Washington State.

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