Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pennsylvania's poll tax

A coalition of civil rights groups that have sued in Pennsylvania state court to block Pennsylvania's controversial voter ID law.  The trial will start tomorrow.  It's expected to take 5 to 7 days to try. This case is separate and apart from the recently announced DOJ investigation of the same law.

PA state election officials report that 758,000 registered voters - 9.2% of the state's 8.2M voters - do not have the required photo ID cards from the PA DOT.  The vast majority of those disenfranchised are in Philly and Pittsburgh and are also non-white.

In preparing for the trial, the plaintiffs have obtained significant admissions from the PA state officials defending the law (PDF).

Particularly damning, is the admission by the state that PA state government "not aware of any incidents of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania and do not have direct personal knowledge of in person voter fraud elsewhere".

This my friends is a poll tax, pure and simple.

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