Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney's shaking down London Bankers while in town

I find this a little shocking, but I guess I shouldn't.

While in London, Romney's shaking down London bankers, including $1M from Barclay's execs while Barclay's is embroiled in the middle of an International banking scandal. Romney is attending a $50k to $75k a head fundraiser tonight at a secret Mayfair London location.

Several members of Parliament find this all a little shocking too.  11 MPs have signed a motion in Parliament demanding Barclay's and it's directors stop raising money for an American presidential contender and start working on digging their bank out of scandal. 

Don't these MPs realize that is exactly what these bank executes are doing tonight?  Well, not so much out of scandal as out of accountability.  It's the American way.

From this London shakedown, Romney head to Isreal where he will also be raising million from Israeli's who want to see him POTUS.

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