Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Wall Street Journal takes a swing at Mitt

Mitt, they just don't like you.

It's hard enough being the GOP nominee in this election cycle with the dumbest of the dumb running the Republican party, but to also have the WSJ taking swings at you, must make it close to impossible to run a campaign.
In a stroke, the Romney campaign contradicted Republicans throughout the country who had used the Chief Justice's opinion to declare accurately that Mr. Obama had raised taxes on the middle class. Three-quarters of those who will pay the mandate tax will make less than $120,000 a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The Romney high command has muddied the tax issue in a way that will help Mr. Obama's claims that he is merely taxing rich folks like Mr. Romney. And it has made it that much harder for Republicans to again turn ObamaCare into the winning issue it was in 2010.

Why make such an unforced error? Because it fits with Mr. Romney's fear of being labeled a flip-flopper, as if that is worse than confusing voters about the tax and health-care issues. Mr. Romney favored the individual mandate as part of his reform in Massachusetts, and as we've said from the beginning of his candidacy his failure to admit that mistake makes him less able to carry the anti-ObamaCare case to voters.
This isn't Romney's fault. If the GOP want's to run on 'Obamacare' they have chosen the most flawed candidate possible. But having chosen Mitt Romney -- the author of Obamacare -- it is the GOP and not the Romney campaign who made the error. Surely they all knew when jumping on the 'tax' canard that they were backing their own candidate into a corner.  What the hell did they think the Romney campaign would say? 

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