Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A poisonous campaign?

Dan Balz thinks we are witnessing a poisonous campaign of negativity the likes of which we've never seen before.

I think Dan Balz has suffered a stroke.

Only last week Dave Weigel wrote an excellent piece at Slate pointing out that we are having the most substantive August in recent memory.

Sure there are plenty of negative ads but the outrage of the last 48 hours is hardly indicative of the campaign so far, and will fade very quickly.  Nearly all the negitive ads on both sides have at least been about issues that voters actually care about.

What we have not seen is the race baiting of the Jeremiah Wright variety.  Well, we saw plenty of it in the GOP primary but not in the general, at least not yet (not that Romney gets a free pass).

Neither candidate has been called a traitor and a coward (Swift Boat Veterans), although a pro-Romney group is working on doing just that to Obama and being heavily promoted by Fox.  But despite Fox's promotion, it still hasn't happened, and I'm sure Romney will demand the group stop,...any day now.

Neither candidate has accused the other of being a terrorist, as Sarah Palin repeatedly did to Obama in the last cycle.

So like I said, I think Dan Balz has had a stroke.

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