Thursday, August 23, 2012

Akin needs campaign cash, ctd.

Kevin McDermott of the St Louis Post-Dispatch looks at the finance numbers for the Akin campaign going forward and sees a problem,
Money will be an immediate and lasting problem. Two financial wellsprings that had promised to turn the McCaskill-Akin race into one of the highest-dollar contests in the nation — [RNSC and Crossroads GPS] both now say they won't spend money in the race if Akin is on the ballot. Before Sunday, the two behemoth fundraisers had been poised to pump more than $5 million each into the race on Akin's behalf. Other money sources are shutting down as well. They include Akin's biggest primary-sector financial backer, St. Louis-based Emerson Electric, which has donated some $36,000 to him through its PAC and employees....Akin already has started ramping up his appeals for small-dollar donations via Facebook and Twitter. Akin's website on Wednesday set a fundraising goal for the day of $24,000. But even if he achieved that goal every day from now until the election, that would total only about $1.8 million — compared with the $10 million he lost from GOP sources this week, and against the millions more that McCaskill has at her disposal. With no realistic way to get anywhere near those numbers on the backs of small individual donors, Akin will have to run a lean campaign.
With Akin's family running his campaign, no one is better equipped to run a lean statewide campaign than Todd Akin. It's my impression that every Akin campaign has been a lean operation.  But the problem remains the he does not appear to be raising anything near $24,000 a day. If national anti-abortion groups and groups like Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum (Schlafly has been one of the few vocal supporters of Akin) don't step up in a really big way, he's going to run out of money. And with no money, he won't have any choice but to step aside.

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