Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Matthews isn't backing down on GOP race baiting

Yesterday on Morning Joe, Chris Matthews jumped GOP chair Reince Priebus for race baiting with false GOP allegations that Obama is gutting welfare work requirements. 

In a Politico interview last night Matthews wouldn't back down,
"It is obvious that this is something I care passionately about: race was abused by white politicians in my lifetime, including Reagan. For someone to come on the program and deny that this is part of their process, I couldn't take that....This is something I really, deeply believe in. We grew up in a country where appeals to race have been awful, terrible. This language -- we are beyond this. It had to be called out....There are a couple issues like peace and war, and race relations -- this is, deeply, not something we should be revisiting in the 21st century,....It isn't even covert any more, its overt. Race is the San Andreas Fault in this country, and this is dividing this country along racial lines."
It's long past time that the Republican party should get a pass on race-baiting. The crime is not that Matthews called out Herr Priebus, the crime is that other journalist are not doing the same.

PolitiFact says Romney's welfare claims are 'pants on fire' lies. 

The WaPo fact checker awarded four Pinocchios for a whooper lie.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center's more dignified FactCheck.org also said the allegations are false.

Race is the only reason these are coming up. 

I wrote about the code used by Republicans to play to racism in every election here.

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