Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christie doesn't think Romney can win.

Under a breathless headline: EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Chris Christie's reasons for refusing to quit post to join Mitt Romney ticket, Murdoch's NY Post is reporting that Chris Christie wasn't interested in VEEP because he doesn't think Romney can win, with or without him.

Christie isn't exactly the only one to hold this view, especially in the GOP.

According to the Post,  Romney insisted Christie resign his governorship to join the ticket.  So called 'pay to play' laws limit donations to $250 for every Wall Street donor that does business in NJ, if the sitting Governor is on the ticket. Romney wasn't will to give up that cash and Christie wasn't willing to give up his day job and risk being unemployed come November.

It's often lost in political reporting that politicians with families who are not independently wealthy need to work to support their family.  Leaving a paying job to run for office with nothing lined up should the election fail, is very hard to do.   Maybe I'm wrong but I don't have the impression Christie, with children infamously in private schools, is independently wealthy.  No doubt he would quickly find work if the campaign were a bust, but the interim could be a real hardship on his family.

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