Friday, August 10, 2012

David Frum desents on Paul Ryan

As I tweeted earlier, Paul Ryan for VEEP was all they were talking about on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough firmly on board.

No question, Romney-Ryan 2012 would be my dream ticket as well.

But not everyone is drinking the Kool-aid. David Frum,
The clamor you are hearing for Paul Ryan for VP is not about helping the Romney candidacy. It's about controlling the Romney campaign—and ultimately the Romney presidency. It's about forcing a platform on Romney, and then dictating the agenda for that presidency's first year. The platform happens to be suicidal, and the agenda impossible, but that does not matter to the Ryan advocates. They take the old Tammany Hall point of view: "Better to lose an agenda than lose control of the party."
Frum sees this has a test of Romney's leadership. If Romney accedes, he will have surrender control of his candidacy to those within the Republican party who most opposed his nomination.

What happens if Romney picks Paul Ryan and they lose? Won't this be a voter rejection of the Ryan budget and the entire fiscal platform of Congressional Republicans?

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