Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For Akins in comes down to money

Todd Akin is an earnest man of principle and faith.  I mean that sincerely.  I believe he is ignorant and horribly misguided, but he means what he says, and says what he means, and he is entitled to respect.

Akin should be taken at his word that he has no intention of dropping out.

Following Akin's unfortunate reproductive biology 'misspeak', all major national funding has been pulled out of his campaign in hopes for forcing him to step aside. Romney publicly called on him to withdraw, and now we know Paul Ryan in a private phone call begged Akin with withdraw. To all of them Akin has said, "no, I'm in it to win it"

But money, or a lack thereof might force his hand.  No one believes, least of all Todd Akin, that if he's within a few points of McCaskill come October, money from the RNC/RNSC and Cross Roads will come pouring into Akin's campaign.  But Akin has to make it to October. reports that Akin had $531K on hand as of July 18, 2012.  That was 3 weeks before the primary when he was likely spending heavily but also taking in cash. For the cycle to that date he had raised $2,229,189 and spent $2,229,755.  Not a lot of money for a Senate campaign. to put this in some perspective, McCaskill spent $2M of her campaign money in the primary just on TV ads in support of Akin.

Claire McCaskill is well funded for a big fight.  Akin needs cash to stay in business.  I heard a report (which I can't confirm) that Akin has raised $11,000 since this story broke.  That is chump change and doesn't speak well of his ability to raise grassroots money.  He should have raised $200k or more.

Not everyone thinks Akin should step aside. For instance, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is a long time Akin supporter who quickly shot back at MA Sen Scott Brown when Brown called on Akin to step down. "He should be careful because based on some of his statements there may be some call for him to get out of his race,"Perkins said on Monday.

But talk, as they say, is cheap.  Akin needs cash and lots of it.  If groups like Perkins' and large anti-abortion groups don't show up for Akin, to the tune of $2M to $3M it's hard to see Akin holding on no matter how badly he wants to stay in the race.

If Akin runs out of cash, he's done.   And if Akin runs out of cash, maybe those of you who donate to these national anti-abortion organizations might want to start asking some questions. One question might be: why are you taking my money if you are not going to support anti-abortion true believers like Todd Akin? 

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