Thursday, August 16, 2012

For a discussions of the issues, listen to the candidates

Sadly, this has become counter intuitive, but Ezra says the candidates are having a ‘serious conversation’ over the issues.
In my experience, you’re actually getting a more serious conversation over the issues if you listen directly to the two campaigns than if you’re reading about the campaign as filtered through much of the media. I mean, here’s the most recent speech Obama gave. It’s almost all policy. And here’s the most recent speech on Mitt Romney’s Web site. It, too, is mostly policy. Even the attack ads are about Medicare!
 Kevin Drum explains that it's tough for reporters to limit coverage to substance because the substance doesn't change.  Once both campaigns position on a given issue is reported, the topic is done.  The positions don't change but every day a new story has to be written or time has to be filled on the news show.

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