Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan is a liar -- David Gregory / Tom Brokaw Edition

David Gregory said Paul Ryan suffers from "ideological amnesia",
“There is a kind of ideological amnesia here on the part of Paul Ryan,... He represents this new generation, a new strain of the Republican Party which at its core is about fiscal rectitude and responsibility, and yet he did not stand up to the Bush administration on two wars, on major areas of entitlements, as Tom [Brokaw] suggested, on the prescription drug benefit.”
Tom Brokaw, a life long Republican and Bush's favorite anchorman,
“He is a man — as I know that you’ve all referred to this — who did vote for the auto bailout, he did vote for TARP, he did vote as well for both wars that were not funded, and he voted for Part D of Medicare, and he’s spent his entire life in government,” he said. “And tomorrow night, Gov. Romney will come here and talk about bringing a new presidential ethos to the Oval Office that is based on his business experience, on his private-sector experience, and a man who lit up this room tonight has spent his entire adult life in government.”

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