Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Politico: Paul Ryan veep prospects split GOP

Politico is up with a story this morning asserting that Paul Ryan's star is rising on Romney's VEEP short list with the GOP split on the wisdom of the choice.
The intraparty debate over who Romney should select … is … a stand-in for a broader argument … about what sort of campaign Romney ought to be running. … Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), who serves with Ryan on the budget panel, … said Romney picking Ryan would be akin to Ronald Reagan in 1980 selecting Jack Kemp, then a young, up-and-coming conservative congressman, rather than George H.W. Bush. ‘Reagan picked up and ran on Kemp-Roth,’ said Cole, referring to the tax-cut proposal that encapsulated conservative thinking of the time. … ‘He’s a smart guy who will excite the base but I think the Democrats would seize on this very quickly and make the election about Medicare,’ one prominent GOP senator said of Ryan. …

“To [some] veteran Republicans, selecting Ryan would mark a fundamental misread of a process that gets more attention from the media than from voters. ‘You’re looking for a supportive mini-me rather than a co-star,’ said Mike Murphy. ‘And my view is that the bold pick is historically overrated.’ …Yet to some conservative thinkers and many of Ryan’s House colleagues, Romney is not going to be victorious by attempting to run out the clock on Obama. The budget chair is the intellectual leader of the Republican Party, this thinking goes …
I refuse to believe Romney would have any real interest in Ryan. Ryan is just to radioactive for a campaign that can't find it's footing even in the worst economic downturn in 60 years, and Romney is just not wired for bold, risk-taking moves.

I stand by my prediction of Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

Of course, I'm wrong about these things all the time.

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