Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Priorities USA $30M ad buy

Pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA has announced a $30 million ad buy, which I believe is their largest buy to day -- by a wide margin.

Their first ad, "Olive", will run in Florida during the convention as well as Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia.

From The Hill quoting the Priorities USA Press Release,
“Americans are going to hear a lot about Mitt Romney this week. These new ads are designed to make sure voters hear the whole story,” Bill Burton, senior strategist for Priorities USA Action, said in a release. “Looking back to his record in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney failed the people who made him governor, leaving the Bay State 47th in the nation in job creation. At issue now is that Romney wants to bring those same failed policies to the White House.” Tuesday's ad, titled "Olive," introduces Massachusetts small-business owner Olive Chase, who says in the video, "I feel like I was duped by Mitt Romney. I'm going to vote for President Obama."

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