Monday, August 13, 2012

Security Theater, Act 3: JFK

$100 Million dollars has been spent on a very elaborate security system for JFK airport complete with fences, closed circuit cameras and motion sensors, and that's just what HLS will admit too.  No expense was spared and none of it, it seems, works.
Casillo's night began innocently enough, as he and some friends were racing on jet skis in Jamaica Bay near JFK airport when his watercraft stalled. After calling for and receiving no help, he managed to swim towards the only thing he could see, the runway lights at JFK. Once he made it to land, Casillo climbed an eight-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walked undetected through the airport's Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and across two runways into Delta's terminal 3. Unnoticed until then, Casillo walked into the airport dripping wet and wearing his bright yellow life jacket. When he was eventually spotted by a Delta employee, police charged Casillo with criminal trespassing.
Who should have been arrested? The contractor(s) who designed the system and charged taxpayers $100M for it, as well as the government employees in charge of purchasing the hundred million dollar waste of money.

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