Monday, August 20, 2012

Skinny dipping in Sea of Galiliee on the taxpayers' dime

I find this story really funny, but then I never took these people seriously.

Politico has the scoop of the morning. A large group of Republican freshmen (only Republicans, no 'heathens' allowed) went on a taxpayer funded junket to the Holy Land last summer. This is an obligatory trip for all elected Republicans so they can meet the Israeli government and swear allegiance and promise to put the interest of the Likud party above that of the United States. Eric Cantor acts as the Likud enforcer in the US.

Anyway, Politico reports that after a long day of touring, and a long night of drinking at a Sea of Galilee cookout, the GOP freshman and their families decided to go skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee.  The house freshmen defend themselves by saying that only Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder was totally naked.  The rest were just swimming in their underwear.

As the Republican party has become a Christianist party,  they wear their Christianity on their sleeves and their moral superiority on their chest as a badge of honor.  They are very quick to judge the actions of all non-Republican and once again they demonstrate their hypocrisy.   Religious frauds playing on the gullibility of their audience.

But some people have taken the Christianist GOP seriously and they are very concerned this might be damaging. 

Mike Allen in this morning's Playbook quotes Joe Scarborough, forever losing his innocence,
"This is SO bad for the Republican Party. ... They Republican brand, it's been really hurt over the past five, 10 years. The conservative brand, still pretty darned good. ... Here you have a group of Republicans ... going to a sacred religious site for evangelicals ... That reverberates from church to church, from pew to pew, from family to family, from preacher to preacher. ... Republicans: I guess I'll vote for 'em, but they don't BELIEVE in anything. ... It's ... an internal crisis [for House Republicans]. Forget the news coverage. And Eric Cantor knows this. You're going to have to talk to Republicans in synagogues, and talk to Republicans in Pentecostal churches. This is an internal problem. This isn't a media problem. This is a BASE problem They have offended their base. ... Eric Cantor ... needs to SCALD these people politically."
Mark Halperin speaking to Joe thinks that if Democrats press this, it could play into the fall election.

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