Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The CNN camera woman assault at RNC Convention

By now you have probably heard what little is known about this incident. Yesterday 2 people attending the RNC Convention threw nuts at a black CNN camera woman  and said "this is how we feed animals". Many witnesses observed this reprehensible and ugly act.  The people who did this, were immediately ejected from the Convention hall by police and Convention security.  No one is offering much in the way of further comment including CNN.

Ultimately, and I'm sure after proding by journalist, RNC Convention officials released the following statement:
"Yesterday two attendees exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable.  This kind of behavior will not be tolerated."
In my mind, that's the end of it, and it's not a story. Many people are ejected from every major sporting even held in the U.S.  The conduct of those ejected is never imputed to the host team and the incidents are never reported as news.  So why is this any different?

The bloggosphere has been pushing this story all day.  My friends at TPM are the ones who basically broke the story after seeing the incident twitted by David Shuster.

This afternoon Josh Marshall posed some basic questions that I do think should be answered by the RNC.  Were the two offending attendees delegates and if so, from which state? Finally, and most important in my mind, were their credentials revoked or are they back at the convention today?

If their credentials were not revoked, I do think it is a news story.

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Denise D. said...

I agree, the CNN camera woman story is a non-story but then there is the incident of the head of the Puerto Rico's delegation being heckled and chants of USA being spewed at her to the point that Reins had to come out himself and regain order of the convention that possibly makes the camera woman incident more relevant.