Sunday, September 09, 2012

Obama flashes gang signs to Hawaiian boy in Orlando bar

POTUS at unscheduled appearance at Orlando sports bar September 9, 2012. AP Photo
and ask the boy for a copy of his birth certificate.

Sorry, just trolling for Republicans.

At an unscheduled stop today in an Orlando Sports Bar (imagine the surprise of everyone when the POTUS walks in) Obama stopped at a table full to chat.

Politico's Reid Epstein fills us in:
One of the adult women pointed out a blond boy, Andre Wupperman of Orlando, to Obama and said, “He was born in Hawaii.”

Obama and the boy then each made the international sign for “hang loose” with one hand.

Obama then asked Wupperman, who will turn 7 years old next week, the question that was so often asked of him: “You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?"

The table laughed. The pool was led out of the bar.

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