Monday, September 17, 2012

Republican's shouldn't blame Romney, he's the very imbodiement of the 21st Century GOP

Or at least, he's trying to be.

Romney's campaign has been a series of blunders the likes of which we've not seen since John McCain ran for President in 2008.

 In just the last week, the Romney campaign and GOP Chair Reince Priebus jumped on the opportunity to exploit the murder of Americans in terrorist attacks for political gain.  Herr Preibus took 12 hours after calling the President of the United States a traitor to offer condolences to the families of those murdered while serving our country.  This is what passes for patriotism in the 21st Century GOP.

Sunday night, 7 weeks from the election, Politico published a scoop with several Romney campaign insiders describing their campaign in shambles and directly backstabbing top strategist Stuart Stevens and indirectly, Romney himself.

On Monday, when Romney promised a fresh new campaign about ideas, Mothers Jones had secret video from a recent Romney fundraiser wherein Mitt described all Obama supporters as tax dodging moochers dependent on government for their survival.  It's ugly and condescending and reveals Romney to be a real jerk.  But let's not forget that Obama had a similar issue in the last campaign. 

Mark Kleiman observes that Obama has the luck of the Irish, for "his talent for finding self-destructing opponents – or perhaps for inducing otherwise sane opponents to self-destruct,.."

It not so much the good luck of Obama but the sorry state of the GOP in the 21st century.

McCain and Romney came undone because Obama did not. Obama’s refusal to self destruct forced McCain in 2008 and now Romney to run on nonexistent GOP ideas.

Since Ronald Reagan, GOP economic policy is a tax cut for top earners, more defense spending (seriously, no amount is too much), cut any and every government program that doesn’t transfer tax dollars to Republican donors (GOP’s Medicare Part D only makes since when viewed as a multiBillion dollar transfer to big Pharma) and remove has many banking/finance and environmental regulations as they can get away with. It’s a party dedicated to raping and pillaging the Federal government until it is bankrupted.

If the GOP nominee can’t run on his support for the pledge of allegiance, God in schools, blind patriotism and must actually defend Republican policies, they come undone because it's an impossible task.   In 2000, John McCain ran a mostly honorable campaign.  In 2005, then Governor Mitt Romney was a health care policy savant who worked across the isle to create a universal coverage healh care system in MA that included the individual mandate of the Heritage Foundation brought health insurance to millions of uninsured and stabilized health care cost in his state.  But that was 2005 and that Romney no longer exists.  I'll let Joe Klein explain what we have today,
Romney has dumbed himself down to fit a Republican Party that has become anachronistic, hateful and foolish. He has never once stood up to the party's extremist base in this campaign--not even when asked whether he would accept a deficit deal with $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in new revenues,..

Fortunately for the GOP, and sadly for the Nation, Democrats only rarely force them to substance.

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