Sunday, September 09, 2012

Romney keeps blowing every chance to get the troops question right

Seriously, Romney may be the worst politician to run for President in modern history.

AS you may have heard or subsequently read, in Romney's acceptance speech, Romney made no mention at all of American troops serving in harms way.   Does anyone doubt that had Obama made such an error that Romney and every Republican who could get in front of a mic would be loudly and repeatedly demanding he withdraw from the race?

Romney's first lifeline came on Friday, when Fox's Bret Baier offered him a chance to clear the matter up with sweeping full-throated praise of our troops.   Responding to Baier's question,  Romney smug response, "I only regret you repeating it day to day." followed by a forced laugh.

In Mike Allen's Politico Playbook this morning, he gives us a sneak peak of Romney's Meet the Press appearance wherein Gregory throws Romney a second lifeline on the omission and gives him a chance to set the record straight. 
ROMNEY: “You know, I find it interesting that people are curious about mentioning words in a speech as opposed to policy. And so I went to the American Legion the day before I gave that speech.”

GREGORY: “You weren't talking to tens of millions of people, Governor, when you went to the American Legion.”

ROMNEY: “You know, what I've found is that wherever I go, I am speaking to tens of millions of people. Everything I say is picked up by you and by others, and that's the way it ought to be. So I went to the American Legion and spoke with our veterans there, and described my policy as it relates to Afghanistan and other foreign policy and our military....
Mike Allen, unable to contain his frustration in the face of utter political incompetence, call Romney to task,
PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE: Gov. Romney has now whiffed on two chances to try to get on the right side of a vulnerability that Team Obama will continue to try to exploit. What we would have said, rather than quibbling with the question or coverage: “Nothing is more important than our troops.” That’s it. Just keep sayin’ it, and folks will quit asking. Also, if you want to be commander-in-chief, it’s not “their effort,” it’s “our effort.”
And this incompetence is not just with Romney but a campaign that can't shoot straight and apparently can't be direct with Romney on a simple fix an inexcusable blunder .

Is this really who we want leading the free world?  Serious question.

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