Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The GOP's media cocoon

SNL's Fox and Friends
Jonathan Martin has an excellent article at Politico taking a long look at the problem with the Right's media cocoon.  Lots of good quotes from the Right's leading thinkers.

It was a jaw dropping moment for me when Romney was embarrassed in the third debate because he had erroneously believed right-wing propaganda that Pres Obama had not called the attack at Benghazi an act of terrorism.   I expect ignorance from my right-wing neighbor who gets most of his news from e-mail forwards and the rest from Fox.   I found it stunning to realize that Romney and those in his inner circle where equally ignorant of reality.  Then we had election night and all the talk of a "shell shocked" Romney and Ryan.  This really doesn't not speak well of the intelligence of all involved. 

I think the GOP is at least 4 more years away from again becoming a reality based party.  The only question in my mind is to what extent Democrats will squander this moment. 

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