Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TPM's Reaping the Whirlwind postings

TPM's Josh Marshall has been posting reader emails he's received since the election under a "Reaping the Whirlwind" title.

These emails relate in very personal terms how much this election has meant to Americans who fall into the "other" category just as  Barack Obama does.

TPM reader JR is an Indian-American born and raised in Iowa to parents who immigrated from India. JR was inspired to write in response to reader KE. Here is a portion of 'JR's email.
When I was a small child in Ames, Iowa, in my immigrant family, neighborhood teenagers assaulted our home regularly, pelting fruit and whatever else at our house. Several times my dad had the police come and lecture this group of kids. It was all about race, and these kids’ parents did nothing. So when Mitt Romney in a Michigan stump speech snarks that no one asked him for his birth certificate, and his GOP allies defend the racism as “just a joke,” when so many GOP federal and state electeds endorse or tacitly condone questioning of Obama’s citizenry and engage in other dog whistle racism, these are always personal attacks equally on me…if Obama is not an American and does not legitimately belong, then they’re saying the same about me. I imagine I’m not alone, that people of color across the board see what I see, and the election results confirm this. It’s striking to me, and IMO underreported, that Obama clearly lost great amounts of white support in Florida and indeed his 37% in the exit poll with Florida whites has always been disastrous…and yet he wins the state with an absolute majority. It’s striking to me that the national exit poll has not only people of color increasing to 28% of the total, but also that it has both Hispanics and Asians giving over 70% to Obama. These things tell me that people of color across the board see what I see, an appalling racism and xenophobia in the Republican Party that is enraging. Sadly, the early signs of the post-election period show only continued GOP hostility, even more bitterness and resentment than before.
It's easy to get caught up in emotion immediately following an election, but the election of 2012 was a watershed in American history.

Doubters could and do write off 2008 as a vote against Bush and his party more than a vote for Obama.  The same cannot be said of 2012. A majority of Americans chose Barack Obama over a white man (perhaps the whitest man in America) and this was possible, as JR points out in his email, by an overwhelming turnout of non-white Americans.  I realize this sounds dramatic, but we are forever changed.

The Republican party has enormous problems going forward and in listening to them and watching them posture, it's clear that many (but not all) have no idea.  Romney proved there is no future in this country for a White Christianist party hostile to science and reason.

Romney ran to be the President of White Christianist America and won that election handily, which got him exactly nothing.  He will be watching President Obama's second inaugural address from the warm comfort of one of his many homes.

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