Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boehner never had the votes to make a deal

Speaker John Boehner

I've been saying, and tweeting, for weeks that I never believed Boehner had the votes to make a deal, any deal, with Obama.  A deal with Obama is just something the Republican caucus is not interested in making.

Boehner has been posturing and whining for 6 weeks hoping that President Obama would capitulate and hand Boehner a victory.  Boehner needed Obama to give up the raising of any tax rate.  When it was clear to Boehner this wasn't happening, he then threw a 'hail Mary' he called Plan B.  How he could possibly create this dramatic showdown without the votes for Plan B, is mind boggling.

David Kurtz has a very smart take tonight,
It is easy to overreact to these things in the moment, to overread them. But Speaker Boehner just put it all on the line. The entire nation was watching, and he was exposed. He knows it. His conference knows it. Anyone left in Washington who had doubts about this speaker’s clout now knows it, too. In a parliamentary system, he would resign and his party would elect a new leader. We don’t do it that way here … usually. But it’s hard to see how Speaker Boehner continues from here — or why he would want to.
It IS easy to over-read these things in the moment, but why would John Boehner want to stand for Speaker of the 113th Congress after such a humiliating defeat?

What exactly would Boehner be the Speaker of?

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